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These are our current members, and their ranks.

For Starcraft scores, the points are divided by 1000, rounded, and then used.  Points can only be counted if 2 or more Cool Cat Clan members were there, a person on an enemy team confirms your score, or if you recorded a demo or screenshot that proves it.  

The |-CC-| tag is taken off the front because everyone has WILL be used in games, however.

This is a table that shows you how you can accomplish each rank. Your subranks (points, posts and trials) are averaged to get your overall rank.  A U before your Forum rank means that you're UNIQUE, as in 'custom title' unique.  This doesn't affect your ranks at all.

Name Posts Points Trials Forum Rank  Point Rank Overall Rank
Green Tiger 184+2 53 10-Leader 10-Leader 2-Novice 7-Ice Cream Man
Halcyon 196 +1 0 1-Newbie 5-Major 1-Newbie 3-Disciple
Insanity 153 0 1-Newbie 4U-Great Big Sexy 1-Newbie 2-Novice
TKDMASTER 42 0 1-Novice 3U-Ice Cream Meets Tae Kwon Do 1-Newbie 2-Novice
Commander Frag 0 42 1-Newbie 1-Newbie 2-Novice 1-Newbie
Shadow 0 0 1-Newbie 1-Newbie 1-Newbie 1-Newbie
the next guy?!? N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

These are the ranks that you can accomplish in the Cool Cat Clan.

# 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rank Newbie Novice Disciple Veteran Major Honor Guard Ice Cream Man Ice Cream Council (8) Advisor (5) Leader (3)
Tests Join Master Kill Timed Master Kill Your Apprentice Master & Apprentice Major Battle Guarding The Tiger The Green Tiger's Lair A Bloody Mess Ysalimiri
Pts 0-24 25-74 75-149 150-199 250-299 300-374 375-449 450-524 525-599 600+
Posts 0-11 12-35 36-71 72-179 180-239 240-264 265-311 312-384 385-479 480+
Forum Low Low Low Med Med High High High Moderator Admin

The admin is available at and usually responds to relevant mail.

This is a fan site for many games, and will likely have media, such as images and music, from those games.  These games include LucasArts' Dark Forces, Jedi Knight, and Mysteries of the Sith.  As well as Raven's Star Trek Elite Force and Jedi Outcast (also LucasArts).  As well as Max Payne which was done by Remedy, Godgames, and 3D Realms.  Squaresoft's Final Fantasy 6 and 8.  Nintendo's Mario RPG (also Squaresoft) and Legend of Zelda 3 A Link to the Past.  Microprose's X-Com: UFO Defence as well.  The media from these games has been taken without their consent, and therefore, if the holders of these rights wish me to remove media of theirs, I will.  However, until then, I'll be using their media because  these games are all amazing, and, in fact you should try them out.