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Thank you very much for joining the Cool Cat Clan. By now, you are on the
member's list, and have full access to all low-ranked boards on the CCC
forum. Once again, thank you, and may the Ice Cream be with you.

The Green Tiger

PS:  Since you joined within the March Break, you get a custom title, of
YOUR choice.  What do you want it to be?
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bulletMeet the Cast: STAR WARS Jedi Starfighter  [2002-04-04]
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bulletJedi Outcast 10 out of 10! Reviews Are Rolling In  [2002-03-27]
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The admin is available at and usually responds to relevant mail.

This is a fan site for many games, and will likely have media, such as images and music, from those games.  These games include LucasArts' Dark Forces, Jedi Knight, and Mysteries of the Sith.  As well as Raven's Star Trek Elite Force and Jedi Outcast (also LucasArts).  As well as Max Payne which was done by Remedy, Godgames, and 3D Realms.  Squaresoft's Final Fantasy 6 and 8.  Nintendo's Mario RPG (also Squaresoft) and Legend of Zelda 3 A Link to the Past.  Microprose's X-Com: UFO Defence as well.  The media from these games has been taken without their consent, and therefore, if the holders of these rights wish me to remove media of theirs, I will.  However, until then, I'll be using their media because  these games are all amazing, and, in fact you should try them out.