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Skirmish # 1

FFA - Cloud City Streets

Posted on 16/05/2002

29/04/2002 -- Commander Frag VS The Green Tiger, with a few bots thrown in.  The FFA lasted for a while, and both Frag and I had fun.  The score limit for each round was 10.  I won the first round hands down, with the closest competition (Frag) having 2 points.  I won the next one as well, but Frag was improving and had gotten a whopping 6 kills.  The next one, the bots decided to gang up on us, and the Luke bot won, leaving Frag and me tied at 8.  Looks like Frag had just gotten warmed up, 'cause the the next round, he won, leaving me at 5.  We went at it again, kicking out the annoying Reelo bot, and Frag still won, leaving me at 7.  I got really annoyed and went out of my way to steal Frag's kills and to knock him off myself.  He only accomplished 2 kills, but I didn't win either, I only got 8.  The last round, we were loosing our resolve, but still managed get some down.  I got a final 5 while Frag got 4.  By the end of the 6-round skirmish, the bots were at the bottom of the heap.  I led with a total 53 and Frag was right below me at 42.

Skirmish # 2

FFA / Team

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