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Clan Members Only

Cool Cat Clan Logo

April 20 - May 31

I'm giving you a good amount of time for this one so I want the entries to be good!  I personally think the logo/banner at the top is getting a bit old so I would like a new one.  I'll be making one too, but I figured I'd take in entries from my members as well.

The entries can be any dimension ratio, as long as the height is 20 or more pixels, and at most 90.  The length can be anywhere from 157-710.  Size will not affect the mark much (if it's easier to see what's going on, than a higher resolution logo may get a higher mark.

The logo must relate to the Cool Cat Clan, and include either 'Cool Cat Clan' or '<CC>' somewhere in the logo. You can also make me a personal logo that must relate to me, and have either 'Green Tiger' or 'GT' somewhere in it. 

Each clan member may give up to 3 entries and there will be 3 winners in total.  A single member can only win twice.  If you submit a personal logo, it will not count as one of the three, but you may only submit one personal logo.  However, the two are not related.  If you submit one personal logo you may also submit up to 3 clan ones.

First place winner will get promoted twice in his lowest subrank.  Second place winner will get promoted once in a subrank of their choice.  Third place winner may choose to have bonus marks for the next contest or an increase of 50 points or posts on their roster, which may lead to a promotion.


Relevance - relevance to the Cool Cat Clan.  Average clan opinion (1-20) + my opinion (1-5)*
Coolness Factor - how cool it looks.  Average clan opinion (1-20) + my opinion (1-5)

*If it's a personal logo, I alone rate the relevance (1-25)

Anyone can participate.

Kyle's Golden Delay

March 10-16

Make a humorous (but tasteful) picture, animated gif, or movie that has to do with Kyle and the delays related to Jedi Outcast going gold.  It has to be at least a quarter original, but you can use pictures from previous games (IE, combining a picture from Jedi Knight consciences with a picture from a cutscene from another game won't do.  YOU have to have something in there, if it be 3d-rendered or 2-d drawn, it doesn't much matter.  You ARE allowed to use pictures from other games and media as long as something is your own.  It can have text bubbles if it's a picture or audio if it's a movie.  

People who make a movie will automatically get bonus marks.  People who are in this clan also receive bonus marks.  Entries are judged in 4 categories. 

Realism - how much the actors / 2d drawings / 3d renderings look like what they're supposed to.  Humour - How many seconds I laugh for after seeing it.  Relevance - how much it has to do with Kyle Katarn and the these delays.  Average Clan Opinion - The clan members rate it 1-25, 25 being the best, then we average the numbers together.

The winner will receive a promotion in their forum rank OR a custom forum title.  This depends entirely on what the winner wants, and in no way is determined through the number of posts they've made.  If the person is outside the clan, they receive access to our members page for one month, and an offer to join our clan with a custom title. 

Hit Counter

The admin is available at and usually responds to relevant mail.

This is a fan site for many games, and will likely have media, such as images and music, from those games.  These games include LucasArts' Dark Forces, Jedi Knight, and Mysteries of the Sith.  As well as Raven's Star Trek Elite Force and Jedi Outcast (also LucasArts).  As well as Max Payne which was done by Remedy, Godgames, and 3D Realms.  Squaresoft's Final Fantasy 6 and 8.  Nintendo's Mario RPG (also Squaresoft) and Legend of Zelda 3 A Link to the Past.  Microprose's X-Com: UFO Defence as well.  The media from these games has been taken without their consent, and therefore, if the holders of these rights wish me to remove media of theirs, I will.  However, until then, I'll be using their media because  these games are all amazing, and, in fact you should try them out.